Fally in Africa

FALLY boasts extensive expertise in the field of construction and industry, both in Belgium and in Africa.

Bruno FALLY has worked consistently in Africa since 1998, and is also Honorary Consul for the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Belgium. There has been a branch in Kinshasa since 2003. The firm has many close links thanks to the Kinshasa office, which opened in 2003.

In 2014, ALLY & ASSOCIES sa opened a branch in Lubumbashi: FALLY CONGO sarl, a multi-disciplinary design office (building & civil engineering) constituted under Congolese law.

We now work all over the country (Lubumbashi, Kinshasa, Matadi, etc.) and in different fields including housing, offices, hospitals, civil engineering, water treatment plants, industry, dealing with erosion, etc.

Thanks to the expertise we have built up, we have been entrusted with many different projects throughout Africa. We currently have projects in the following countries: Burkina Faso, Equatorial Guinea, Benin, Chad, Niger, Tanzania and Ghana (see references below).


  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Burkina Faso
  • Niger
  • Tanzania
  • Ghana
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Chad
  • Structural engineering and building services and equipment studies for 2 tower blocks with a total floor area of 15,000m², “Forrest Towers” in Kinshasa. These tower blocks are due to be used for accommodation and offices.
  • Studies for the construction of the taxiway at Lubumbashi airport for Korongo (EGMF and SN Brussel).
  • Civil engineering studies for the drinking water plant for the south of Kinshasa/ Lukaya for the company China New Era International.
  • Comprehensive studies (architecture, civil engineering, structural engineering and building services) for 3 cotton ginning plants in Burkina Faso: Léo, Ouaga and Bobo Dioulasso. Budget: 10 million Euros per plant.
  • Studies for the construction of the STL copper and cobalt treatment plant in Katanga. Budget: 115 million dollars.
  • Studies for the construction of an apartment block with a floor area of 8,000m² on Avenue Lukasa in Gombe (Kinshasa).
  • Studies for the construction of a housing estate, “Champs de coton” in Kinshasa, for Utex Africa; as well as another housing estate of around 10,000m².
  • Studies for the extension of Kindu Hospital.
  • Structural engineering and building services and equipment studies for the extension to N'Galiéma Hospital in Kinshasa. Creation of a children’s heart surgery unit with a floor area of around 1,300m².
  • Studies looking at the stability of erosion in Kinshasa (DRC) at sites in Mataba and Selembao.
  • Civil engineering studies for the construction of a cemetery in Senegal.
Sendwe - Lubumbashi (DRC)

Renovation of a hospital

Bridge - Kalemie

Construction of a bridge

Trafigura - Lubumbashi

Construction of a multimodal platform

CMC - Lubumbashi

Renovation of an “A&E” department

14 Bridges - Niemba (DRC)

Construction of 14 bridges

Socope Quay - Matadi (DRC)

Construction of a new quay

Ebale - Kinshasa (RDC)

Construction of a residential building

Akoga - Guinea

Construction of a cemetery

Quinmat - Lubumbashi

Construction of a showroom

Centaure - Lubumbashi

Construction of a housing estate

BCDC - Lubumbashi (R.D.C.)

Aménagement du siège central d'une banque

Pont Fally - Lubumbashi

Construction d'un nouveau pont de 30 m


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République Démocratique du Congo

Dream it, Live it

Bruno et Madeleine FALLY - DELBAR are closely involved in the “Kiswishi” project, a major real estate project on the outskirts of Lubumbashi, on the Likasi road.

This involves a new extension to Lubumbashi covering 4,300 hectares.